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How will the tutor motivate my child?

Your tutor will form a relaxed, friendly and respectful relationship with your child and will nurture their confidence with positive reinforcement such as praise and certificates for achieving milestones.

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What hours do you operate?

We work each day after school until 8pm, and are available holidays and weekends for intensive work. For your convenience we operate 60 minutes sessions.

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Where will you teach my child/children?

We are situated at 11 Te Mome Road, Alicetown, Lower Hutt. You can bring your child/children to us and leave them while you attend to other matters. We can work at a library if that suits you better.

If I bring two of my children to you will you teach them together?

No, we will offer both children individual tutoring. We believe one-on-one tutoring is less threatening and as a result your children will be more likely to excel.

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What level of attention will my child get from the tutors?

Your child will get personalised one-on-one tutoring for 60 minutes with feedback available to parents at the end of every session and a written report outlining progress as required.

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What kind of training do Academic Edge tutors have?

All our tutors are trained and registered to teach in New Zealand schools. They have many years of experience in early childhood, primary and secondary settings. This is important because tutoring in New Zealand is an unregulated industry.

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How can I pay?

To make payment convenient for you we accept cash, cheque, automatic payments or internet banking transfers.

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What are your payment options?

We have two payment options available; you can either pay the full amount in advance, or we are happy to accept weekly installments to fit in with your budget. 

What if we can’t make a session?

It’s ok if you can’t make a session. We just ask that you give us 24 hours notice. We can arrange another time to tutor your child/children.

Do we need to sign up for a whole term?

We believe that a whole term is most beneficial, however you can discuss with us your preferred option.

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