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Our Centre

Our Alicetown centre is open for students on a daily basis and and we offer tutoring in most subjects and stages, from preschool to advanced. We are situated .7 of a km from Hutt Valley High School and 4 seconds from Hutt Central School ( yes, four seconds)

In week eight of Term Two there is a large influx of students due to the three way conferences held at primary schools. Do not leave it too late to book your child in for tutoring

Ph 5860090 or 021 108 5848 11 Te Mome Rd, Alicetown, Lower Hutt.

Latest Research

Academic Edge has hit the nail on the head - read on...

A major new Kiwi study by John Hattie (Routledge 2009) into what makes students succeed casts serious doubt on the importance of homework, small class sizes - and even which school a child attends.  The huge study based on research into 83 million students from around the world, and results from 50,000 previous studies instead shows that the key to effective teaching is the quality of the feedback students get and their interaction with teachers.

Academic Edge only ever has one to one tuition which enables constant feedback to the student and fosters an atmosphere of trust.  During each lesson we use formative assessment and provide written feedback to parents after each lesson.  Call us soon to find any gaps in your child's learning.

What can I do to help my child at home?

Schools across the country are slashing homework in primary schools as academics say it makes no difference to students'achievement, although in high school it can boost achievement.  At Academic Edge we advocate it only when a primary student needs practice with spelling, basic facts and times tables.  If you are a busy parent let us take care of it for you.  Call us for an appointment ph 5860090 or 021 108 5848

Our Approach To Teaching Maths - No Worksheets or Computers Just Plenty of Equipment

You will note that we have an overflow of hands-on material in our centres. The equipment is often used up to Year 9. As many children cannot easily make the step to abstraction they need assistance to build images (in their minds) that they can access.  Your child may tell you ''we played games for most of the session"and this may well be quite true.  Learning with hands-on material is essential before we move to"imaging"....read on.....


We firmly believe children must manipulate maths equipment to build images in their mind to help make the connection between concrete and abstract cognition.  The imaging is forced by moving backwards and forwards between the materials and imaging phases.  Only when they are secure in using imaging are number properties introduced.

Number Properties

When numbers are larger than students can easily track in their minds it is expected they will convert to number properties without the use of imaging.  Sometimes students will need to be re-introduced to the imaging phase again or even the materials phase.

Last Minute Tutoring in Term 4 

We usually have an influx of NCEA students near exams so why not get in early and book a place for your child now. We know that students are getting anxious so we will spend time with you to make sure you master those extra tricky concepts.

Call or leave a message 5860090.
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